How it Works



Tie Society is a monthly subscription service for designer menswear accessories.

Create your account and select your membership plan, then Browse Our Collection and add items to your Online Closet.

We have hundreds of unique styles, including designs from Burberry, Armani, Hermès, Brooks Brothers, and a wide range of independent labels.

Not sure which to choose? We offer our members complimentary style advice.

Wear them as long as you'd like. Your items will arrive within 1-3 business days by mail*, enjoy!

There are no return dates or late fees and all postage and packaging is provided.

Exchange them whenever you want. Exchange any number of items by mail and the next item(s) in your Online Closet will be mailed to you.

As always, free shipping both ways.... and don’t worry, we are NCA certified cleaners and take great care of our ties.


Membership Plans

*All packages shipped United States Postal Service First Class Mail and may be returned at any designated USPS location or mailbox. FAQs