Red & Blue Geometric

Geometric Pendant

DIamond Grid (Brown)

Harrison Paisley

Square Dotted Geometric Tie

Slim Bluebell Tartan Tie

Regent Paisley (White)

Slim Floral Bleu

Slim Ditsy Floral

Club Stripe (Maroon)

Slim Navy Mini-dot

Preppy Angler

Anchor Tie

Fitzgerald Plaid Tie

Calvert Paisley Tie (Red)

Calvert Paisley Tie (Navy)

Purple Burberry Stripe

Slim Plaid (Grey)

Slim Plaid (Brown)

Slim Leather-textured Tie

Multi-Colored Repp Stripe

Brown and White Puppytooth

Peach Daisy Tie

Light Blue Etched Paisley

Maroon Jubilee

Slim Green Tartan

Pink Floral

Steady Solid (Black)

Macomb Stripe

Repp Stripe (Blue/White)

Purple Criss-Cross

Club Stripe (Green)

Purple Paisley Stripe

Slim Americana Plaid

Standard Camo

Daisy Floral

Alan Thin-Stripe (Grey)

Alan Thin-Stripe (Purple)

Alan Thin-Stripe (Red)

Alan Thin-Stripe (Navy Blue)

Alan Thin-Stripe (Sky Blue)

Club Stripe (Blue)

Club Stripe (Red)

Light Blue Floral

Red Chambray Tie

Slim Wool Multi-Stripe (Red/Navy)

Slim Wool Wide-Stripe (Orange)

Black Double Stripe

Splendid Stripe (Cherry)

Splendid Stripe (Lemon)

Splendid Stripe (Lime)

Chapman Plaid (Orange)

Chapman Plaid (Blue)

Slim Bradley Stripe

Blue Daisy Tie

Yellow Daisy Tie

Military Weave

Blue Floral

Silver Petal Tie

Fuchsia Stripe Tie

Slim Ovals and Links

Geometric Points

Maroon Links

Burberry Stripe

Bulls & Bears

Wilson Geometric

Aqua Stripe Tie

Steady Stripe (Maroon)

Midnight Floral

Geometric Links

Green and Brown Plaid

Black and White Puppytooth

Lucky Green Plaid

Sunday Stripe

Steady Stripe (Grey)

Yellow and Blue Stripe

Dipped-stripe Tie

Striped Zigzag Tie

Bishop Plaid

Yellow Floral

Geometric Squares (Red)

Geometric Squares (Purple)

Chester Paisley (Red)

Chester Paisley (Blue)

Classic Check Pattern

Yellow Paisley

Open Plaid Woven Tie

Knit Stripe Woven Tie (Yellow)

Knit Stripe Woven Tie (Navy Blue)

Reynolds Plaid

Knotted Rope (Red)

Knotted Rope (Yellow)

Plum Leaf

Hubert Stripe

Charcoal Stripe

Marching Ants

Yellow Snail

Edwin Paisley

Formal Stripe (Red)

Formal Stripe (Black)

Royal Purple Stripe

Avebury Stripe Woven Tie

Four Petal Tie

Golden Polka Dot

Churchill Black Textured Tie

Simpson Grey Geometric Tie

Red & White Neat Pin Dot Tie

Milton Gold & White Tie

Navy & Green Double Stripe Tie

Blue & Pink Stripes

Blue Blossom

Crosshair Plaid

Alternating Stripe

Wilbur Grid

Idlewild Madras

Clark Grid

Royal Pink Stripe

Blue Basket Weave

Purple Stripe

Loose Orange Plaid

Wave Geometry

Maroon Geometry

Tassone Geometric (Green)

Pink Plaid

Midnight Paisley

Aluminium Dotted

Romulus Stripe

Livingston Stripe

Bagley Blue

City Plaid

Monarch Stripe (Sky Blue)

Douglas Floral

Marshall Stripe

Royal Fleur de Lys

Purcell Double Stripe

Anslow Grenadine Stripe

Benson Multi-dot (Magenta)

Woven Stripe (Purple)

Woven Stripe (Grey)

Power Tie

Rico Fedora

Platinum Grid

Superbly Tartan

Prospect Multi Stripe

Power Varigated Stripe

Thayer Solid Multi Dot

Edgehill Texture Slub

Embroidered Crossed Guns

Wayland Houndstooth

Midnight Blues

Blues Stripe

Celebrity Dot

Vintage Skinny Stripe (Yellow)

Vintage Skinny Stripe (Red)

Country Plaid

Orange Striped

Red Stallion

Putting Blue

Whale Golf

Umbrella (Purple)

Umbrella (Green)

Umbrella (Orange)


Putney Stripe (Brown)

Wandsworth Paisley

Wool Paisley (Black)

Putney Stripe (Blue)

Dulwich Knit

Battersea Knit

Wool Paisley (Blue)

Snow Skier

Candy Cane

Bengali Paisley

Council Stripe



Vintage Mermaid

Tarpon Fish

Brown Multistripe

Wayside Plaid

Black Woven Silk

Windrose Print

Loose Dark Plaid

Streamline Blue

Technicolor Weave

Compass Rose


Maroon Plaid

Magenta Stripe

Busy Bees

Narrow Knit Tie (Light Blue)

Purple Fall

Blue Houndstooth

Nautical Signs

Caulfield Stripe (Blue)

St. Andrew (Blue)

B Stealth

Native Spirit


Turtle Chase

Sing In The Rain


Time Flies

Going Bananas

Brooks Diamond

Blue Grid Pattern Tie

Diamond-check Pattern Tie

Red Mini Dot

Blue Whale

Golden Fall

Wool Tartan Tie

Narrow Knit Tie (Red)

Boxed Geometric (Pink)

Fiorenzo Geometric (Blue)

Fabriani Paisley (Purple)

Fabriani Paisley (Red)

Classic Red Paisley

Multi-Color Polkadot

Narrow Knit Tie (Yellow)

Tartan Tie

10-Wale Corduroy (Brown)

10-Wale Corduroy (Red)

Regular Crest (Blue)

Regular Crest (Green)

Pine Crest

Banner Stripe (Yellow)

Banner Stripe (Red)

Tabanelli Stripe (Navy Blue)

Steady Solid (Red)

Steady Solid (Purple)

Steady Solid (Pink)

Steady Solid (Lavender)

Steady Solid (Green)

Elephant Train

Sly Fox


BB#5 Stripe

Madder Medallion

Retired Seagull

Double Tight Plaid

Fire Pine

Mogador Stripe

Tonal Stripe

Alternating BB#3 Stripe

Square Mini Dot

London Tonal Check (Purple)

London Tonal Check (Light Blue)

London Tonal Slim Check

University Stripe Extra Long (Bl...

Carter Stripe (Light Blue)

Carter Stripe (Pink)

Bloom Mini Dot

Fenton Stripe

Sayer Stripe

Barton Stripe (Blue)

Barton Stripe (Red)

Grafton Plaid (Blue)

Grafton Plaid (Red)

BB#1 Repp Stripe (Purple)

BB#1 Repp Stripe (Yellow)

Petal Mini Dott

Full Sidewheeler Stripe

Multi-Color Pine

Twin Petal Geometric

Dott Repp

Sphere Trio Geometric

Sutherland Repp

Scattered Pine

Bailey Plaid

Beset Pine

Crossed Swords Stripe

Fancy Silk Tie

Stripe & Dot Silk Tie

Silk Glossy Dot Tie

Silk Thin-Stripe Tie (Red)

Silk Thin-Stripe Tie (Black)

Mercury Geometric (Maroon)

Mercury Geometric (Blue)

Boxed Mini Dot

Chained Geometric (Blue)

Giffard Mini Dot (Purple)

Giffard Mini Dot (Blue)

Augustine Mini Dot (Blue)

Augustine Mini Dot (Red)

Wilfork Stripe (Red)

Kearney Geometric (Purple)